New: seven colours - one light

PATLITE series NEOne LED module, seven different colours – the new multicolour LED model NE-CL7 is extremely versatile and flexible and ideal for applications such as AVGs, conveyor lines or compact plants.

Thanks to its small size – a diameter of only 57 mm and a height of 61 mm – the multicolour LED is compatible with almost every application and renders disassembly for transport or packing unnecessary. The milky-white lens distributes the light evenly and at the same time provides for an especially clear colour display. The signal light is prewired which ensures simple and user-friendly assembling.

With an IP rating of IP 66 and IP 67 and thanks to the almost edge-free housing the signal light is protected against dust and jet spray and thus can be used also in environments with high humidity, dust exposure or specific hygienic requirements.

The new multi-colour LED light operates in a temperature range of -30 °C until +50 °C. The rated voltage is 12 V DC (~24 V DC), the operating voltage 10.8 DC (~26.4 V DC).

Data sheet