filter fan 60 x 60 mmEVG has now developed the smallest snap-in filter fan, currently available on the market.

The filter fan, with overall dimensions of 60 x 60 mm, consists of a filter fan cover, the filter media, the filter frame and an axial fan. The complete unit is immediatly installed into the enclosure due to snap-in mounting. The time-consuming mounting with screws of axial fans, filter sets or fan guards is no longer necessary.

The protection degree of IP 54, found in the entired GKV range, is attained by the well-considered design, in addition to the filter media and a sealed gasket.

Available versions are in 5, 12 and 24 Volt DC as well as an exit filter. Standard colour is light grey RAL 7035. Customized colours are possible, starting from only 100 pieces. The connection is made via braids, but can be modified by EVG with cable harnessing.

Data sheet (DE)