Combines RAFIX 22 FS+ pushbutton with MICON 5 tactile switch

RAFI short-travel adapterThe new RAFI short-travel adapter allows the use of MICON 5 series tactile switches as a contact block for pushbuttons of the RAFIX 22 FS+ and RAFIX 30 FS+ control component series. MICON 5 buttons by RAFI are available with SMT and THT connection types for direct application on the printed circuited board. With a surface size of only 5.1 x 6.4 mm, a height of only 3.85 mm and gold contacts, the tactile switches achieve a high level of switching reliability while requiring a minimum amount of space. The operating life is at least 250,000 switching cycles.

The short-travel adapter is easily inserted into the RAFIX 22 FS+ pushbutton where it conveys the actuation to the short-travel keyswitch. Thus both pushbuttons' specific characteristics can be combined if requirde:
the modern function design of the RAFIX 22/30 FSpushbutton and the distinct tactility of the MICON 5 tactile switch with ist short actuating travel distance and firm haptics. This combination results  in a functional advantage due to the MICON 5's minimal mounting space requirements allowing for the placement of various LEDs and thus the use of various pushbutton illuminations depending on the application.

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