The light but sure touch for any application

MICON 5 tactile switchesHigh-quality pushbuttons should not only offer a long operating life and secure contact connections. Tactility and the force exerted to press them also represent important criteria for operating reliability and comfort. For example, pushbuttons with a high level of mechanical resistance are recommended to prevent unintended actuation. On the other hand, a pleasant level of tactility is an important brand characteristic of premium products in particular.
With an overall area of just about 5.1 x 6.4 mm, a height of only 3.85 mm, and gold contacts, RAFI's MICON 5 series tactile switches achieve a high level of switching reliability while requiring a minimum amount of space. To ensure the haptic characteristics required for the entire range of possible applications, RAFI offers MICON 5 pushbuttons with various operating forces. Versions for 3, 3.6, 5.5 or 8 N have graduated switching characteristics that range from actuation perceived as easy and comfortable, all the way to distinctive and firm switching behaviour. Because acoustics also play an important role in the perception of operating quality, the MICON range includes a low-noise version for pressing forces of 3.5 N in addition to the regular buttons that actuate with a distinct clicking. Furthermore, a MICON button without tactile and acoustic response is available for safety-oriented applications and is used as a redundant extra key along with standard buttons in this series. Depending on the selected operating force, the micro pushbuttons withstand between 250,000 and one million switching cycles. MICON 5 keyswitches are available with SMT and THT connection types. Suitable solutions for any application can be found thanks to a comprehensive range of plungers and keycaps. Round and square plungers in various dimensions and lighting versions are available to enable the use of keyswitches beneath an overlay.

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