RAFI: Expands RAFIX 22 FS+ control components to include a compact emergency-stop pushbutton

RAFI compact emergency-stop pushbuttonRAFI is expanding the RAFIX 22 FScontrol components to include a compact emergency-stop pushbutton with an installation height of only 25.9 mm from the front plate. The mushroom shape of the illuminated emergency-stop pushbutton and its snap-in contact connection when actuated prevents blockage of functionality due to jammed object or textiles. The latched-in position of the pushbutton can be reset by rotation.

Just like all RAFIX 22 FSoperating components, the compact emergency-stop pushbutton can also be combined with PCB solder terminal contact blocks (PCB) for PCB mounting or with quick-connect contact blocks (QC) for directly wired connection. The button has been designed for mounting holes with a diameter of 22.3 mm.

With the PCB solution, it reaches the low mounting depth typical of the RAFIX 22 FS+, only 9.2 mm. Based on this, modern housing designs with a very flat construction can be implemented. To achieve this, contact blocks of this series are taken into consideration in PCB layouts and arranged next to other components. In this way, pushbuttons, keyswitches or selector switches from the RAFIX 22 FS+series can be combined on the same printed circuit board with RAFI short-travel keyswitches in various dimensions and with various tactile switching forces and actuating areas. In contrast, the QC contact blocks with quick-connect terminals make especially quick and economical assembly possible. The pre-fabrication of the cable assemblies with contact blocks also makes everything especially easy due to the tool-free assembly principle. The mounting depth of the control components is 27 mm with the QC version. The compact emergency-stop pushbutton reaches IP 65 protection class from the front. The associated contact blocks are available in designs with two normally-clodes contacts as well as with one normally-closed contact and one normally-open contact.

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