EVG's overmolded M23 connectorsEVG now offers standard M23 connectors, with screw and quick locking, also in overmolded versions that are firmly seated in the cable.
The injection molding material used is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). In the high-pressure process there is a much higher adhesion to the cable sheath than conventional hotmelt processes provide. The highly resistant overmolding ensures IP 67 and provides secure strain relief. In addition, the shape of the mold also provides integrated bend protection, which prevents damaged cables even under heavy use and shearing motion.

EVG's experts have found the optimal solution through extensive consulting and also configuration of special cables for their customers. Once customers have defined their application for power and resolver cables, data and control cables or as well hybrid versions, finally in a joint discussion the required connectors, cable lengths and a refinement are specified. Thanks to EVG's pronounced depth of production with their own toolmaking and injection molding machines, customers receive ready-to-use, high-quality solutions which save additional costs for time-consuming in-house assembly of connectors.

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