SCHURTER Metal Line switches with ring illuminationSCHURTER has revised and fine-tuned its MSM Metal Line series with ring lighting, which has been successful for years.

The optimized switches of the MSM family still have the same diameter of 19, 22 and 30 mm. The high-quality housing made of either robust stainless steel or aluminium also remained untouched.

Two things have changed: By cleverly selecting a new material that diffuses the light much more widely, the LEDs used for ring illumination are no longer individually visible. One can now truly speak of homogeneous illumination. Secondly, the ratio of housing diameter to the width of the illumination ring has been redesigned, resulting in a more pleasant, scaled appearance.

What has remained, however, is the robustness of the switches: Due to the high sealing protection and impact resistance values of IP 67 and IK07, the switches are particularly suitable for use in devices in harsh environmental conditions or in applications that require protection against vandalism.

Due to the mechanical stroke, also the new MSM versions from SCHURTER offer unparalleled tactile feedback.

Unique selling proposition:

  • Attractive tactile feedback
  • High quality materials
  • Long life span
  • Single color or homogeneous RGB illumination

MSM 19 / MSM 22 / MSM 30 / MSM DP 19 / MSM DP 22