EVG D-Subminiature hoodsHoods with automatic self-locking enable a quick and simple installation with just one hand at places which are difficult to access.

By using a hood with screwlocking, the screws have to be fixed on both sides. In many applications at places which are difficult to access it is not possible to fix the screws. A solution can be the so-called Quick-Lock hoods with automatic self-locking which are simple to put on and engage with an audible “click”. The ability to put on and lock the hoods blind is a solution for such applications. Thus, saving valuable time during installation and cost.

If you pull the cable or the housing, there is no unlocking. Only by pressing the two side unlocking-clips the connection can be removed. The hoods are available in metallized and black plastic, as well as full metal version.

There are locking bolts available for different fittings on the mating plug. But you can also build a flying cable/cable connection as well as a bulkhead assembly. It is easy to replace the locking bolts on existing D-Sub interfaces using a Quick-Lock hood.

Data sheet (DE - 63 KB)