for a mounting cut out of 22.3mm

RAFI series RAFIX 22 FSUSB interfaces are increasingly being used in industrial sectors as well. Now also rugged USB feedthroughs for a mounting hole diameter of 22.3 mm suitable for the RAFIX 22 FS actuator series are available. The feedthroughs provide sturdy installation of an easily accessible USB slot in the control panel of controllers and IPCs and can be used, for example, to connect a keyboard for maintenance purposes or a USB stick for a software update. The port on the rear accommodates commercially available USB cables with B-type connectors. A captive sealing cap protects the slot and ensures a degree of protection to IP 65.
For assembly, simply insert the feedthrough from the front side into the mounting hole and fasten it by means of a ring nut from the rear. The depth behind panel is 27.7 mm. The color of the front ring can be freely selected so that the USB feedthrough can be matched in appearance to the customer-specific design. Sealing cap, lens, cap and seal are shaded slate gray.

Data sheet (DE - 57 KB)