Profibus bus connectorsM12 connections on profibus connectors enable a simple, safe and reliable connection in the automation field.

It is possible to install the fieldbus components within seconds while there is no complicated assembly of the cable and no critical connection of the cable shield.

Due to its connection and the housing made of die cast zinc, the connectors are mechanically robust and there is a high level of electromagnetic compatibility. Interferences of problematic bus components as well as of measuring and test equipment are compensated.

The housings are available in different versions (90°, 90° compact, 35° and 180°). Due to the required space there is a solution for every application.

On the first and last station the segment end must be set. Therefore the connectors have adjustable termination resistors which are activated via a slide switch. Optionally for programming and diagnostic purposes a female D-Sub connector is available.

A simple, safe and reliable connection and an error-free data transfer are important criteria for profibus connectors. A defective bus connector can cause the stoppage of a complex system with high failure costs.

Data sheet (DE - 74 KB)