Harting-Stecker-Serie-Han-YellockThe Han-Yellock® interface consists of a housing, bulkhead mounting, on the housing side and a carrier hood with cover on the cable side.
The locking ability is a key function of the Han-Yellock®. The function makes connections and disconnections safe, simple and quick – even under harsh industrial conditions.

Han-Yellock® features a patented internal locking mechanism. The locking takes place as the cable and device sides are simply joined together.

The hoods/housing are not mating compatible with other Han®-housing series. 
By using the Han-Yellock®-modules, only male contacts are needed and in addition the PE-terminal can be assembled with crimp or Han Quick-Lock®-termination.

Modules from the Han-Modular®-series will be used in combination with the Han-Yellock®-adapter frame.The Han-Yellock®-system can be used with a variety of inserts in order to establish flexible interface possibilities.


  • single handed operation
  • audible and visible locking status
  • no assembly tools required
  • insert assembly from mating and termination side
  • finger proof inserts with snap-in functionality
  • contact bridging functionality for connectors
  • reduced material and wiring costs
  • small and compact design

Han-Yellock® product info (1.2 MB)