Liquid chillers from 29 KW up to 130 KW for constant water temperatures in laser applications

WLA PrecisionThe liquid chillers WLA PRECISION are available with cooling capacities from 29 KW up to 130 KW.

These liquid chillers are specially designed for use in the metal processing with laser technologoy and tailored to applications with Rofin-Sinar lasers.

In laser applications, the quality of the machined parts is dependent on the quality of the liquid chillers. Thereby, the temperature has to be kept as constant as possible. With the new developed controller C2020, liquid chillers WLA PRECISION work extremely exact and are able to hold a temperature accuracy of e.g. 20 °C (±0.3 K). Also the serviceability is emphasized in these newly developed products. All components are easily accessible for a service technician. The condenser is mounted horizontally and the air intake is from both sides. This construction allows optimum heat dissipation.

A customized solution can be developed for each application.

Data sheet (DE - 188 KB)