For mounting on a profile rail

RAFI E-BoxThe E-Box has got a small housing with low mounting depth. The dimension of these boxes correspond to the width of a 40 mm profile rail. Not only emergency-, selector- and key-switches or injection molding machines in which control units must be placed on a profile rail. The E-Box can be used even in remote locations, such as emergency stop applications along a production line or at a protective fence.

Assembly is quick and easy. The metal clip has to be fixed on the profile rail and the lower part of the housing and the contect module must be mounted. Now the cable has to be inserted and fixed to the contact module with a cage clamp. Finally the upper part of the housing has to be snaped-in.

As an alternative to the assembly with metal clip, the lower part of the housing can be directly attached with M4 screws onto cast iron, wood, plaster, concrete etc..

Data sheet (1.9 MB)

Assembly instruction video