Thermostats with a fixed set temperature range

STEGO - KTO/KTS + FTO/FTSTo prevent overheating or condensation on electrical and electronic components, thermostats are typically used wherever the temperature must not fall above or below a certain temperature range.

Now there is an alternative to the well-known adjustable thermostats for electrical cabinets. These are thermostats with a fixed set temperature range. They have an innovative design and a smaller body form than the well-known adjustable thermostats.

Due to the fixed set temperature, the risk of accidentally incorrect settings or deliberate manipulation on the thermostat is eliminated. This provides the user with long-term safety and reliability.

So far the thermostats are available with five different settings. A mounting clip to fix it on a 35 mm DIN-rail is firmly integrated. Screw terminals for the electrical connection are provided, which can be used for braids up to 2.5 mm².

Data sheet (98 KB)