With dust and water protection in IP 67

Marquardt series 1045

Whether in controls, electric power tools, household appliances or automotive uses, Marquardt has developed the switch from the series 1045 to be an affordable and very flexible product. With a dust and water resistance from IP 67, a mechanical lifetime up to 10 million switch cycles and a temperature resistance from -40 to +100 °C, this is certainly a very robust switch.

It is available in different resistance levels, according to customer requirements, and the series is available with not only the standard housing (IP 40), but also the dust and water resistant versions (IP 67). There are also strand and spill-proof versions in this program. In addition to the mentioned uses, the switch has an incredible lifetime, which allows the manufacturer diversity.

It is adjustable for current, as well as network applications up to 10 (3) A. Furthermore, up until now, the version for 6(6) A 250 V AC 30E3 in this switch size could not be switched into motor in-rush peaks up to 36 A. The normally open contact version is recommended for resistive loads up to 12 A.

An additional advantage of the 1045 Series is there are varieties available with cut-off help, whereby contact welds can be broken, following a high switch on currency. The acceleration from 35° allows a sliding confirmation without an additional handle. The long over-travel also reduces the tolerance problem in the application and makes this Marquardt switch into an innovative product once again.

Data sheet (2.1 MB)