Axialluefter-AC-mit-SensorkabelIn many applications it is required to use a temperature-controlled axial fan. These fans rotate at low temperature with low speed, resulting in energy savings and less noise.
If the temperature rises, there is also an increasing speed of the fan and thus lead to much more airflow. So far, only DC axial fans were available. From now on, a 230 V AC axial fan in the dimensions 119 x 119 x 38 mm can be delivered.

This temperature-controlled AC fan has an aluminium housing and impellers made of plastic according to UL 94 V-0. The connection is via tinned leads with 280 mm length. A harnessing of wires with connectors for direct connection is possible by EVG. As well, EVG offers mechanical modifications, such as the attachment of mounting brackets and finger guards or drilling threads into the mounting holes.

The measurement of the temperature is done by a sensor. The sensor cable has a length of 250 or 1,500 mm and can be placed at the required location in the cabinet or device. If the temperature is 15 °C, the fan runs at 1,150 rotations per minute and forces an airflow of 80 m³/h. If it rises to 45 °C, the speed increases to 2,600 rotations per minute and the airflow rises up to 150 m³/h.

This fan is available from stock with 1,500 mm sensor cable (product number 12038-A23HBW-R2T(1500)) and can also be ordered in our webshop.

Data sheet (DE - 98 KB)