For larger displays in a user-friendly small place

OKW SOFT-CASEThe SOFT-CASE series of enclosures is a "wide format" pocket-box. In this way, display elements can be accommodated in a user-friendly small place, yet upright use is also conceivable, whether dictated by requirements or by personal preference.


  • user-friendly shape, ideal for miniaturised electronic applications
  • spacious interface area as well as enough space for bigger displays
  • additional versions in PMMA infra-red permeable and BIOGRADE® off-white
  • intermediate ring for more installation height as accessory, in TPE-version usable as a sealing ring (up to IP 54 without battery compartment) and impact protection
  • intermediate ring also in PMMA, ABS off-white & lava, ABS chromed or BIOGRADE® off-white
  • practical combination clip usable as wall-holder and pocket clip

SOFT-CASES are available in ABS (off-white and lava), PMMA (black) and BIOGRADE® (off-white).
The material used, BIOGRADE®, is obtained mainly from renewable raw materials - the initial products are cotton or wood. After use, materials obtained from plants only release the amount of CO2 that they removed from the atmosphere during the growth phase. BIOGRADE® has a very good surface finish, offers properties similar to those of ABS and can be processed using the normal injection moulding method. In addition, this bio-material is predestined for long-term use. This means that BIOGRADE® can replace the fossil plastics used in many applications. Bio-enclosures for diagnosis, therapy, measuring and control engineering, peripheral and interface equipment, household etc. - the list of applications for bio-plastic could be continued even further.

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