JST crimp terminalsEVG offers crimp terminals from the manufacturer JST not only on a reel and as single contacts, but also as strips with 100 contacts each.

For quality reasons a crimp style connector is often chosen, because it ensures high electrical and mechanical safety.

Following this decision, the question arises:
How many crimp terminals are to be processed and what tools are needed?
Are the cables already ready prepared or is it necessary to crimp on-site?

Crimp terminals on a reel are suitable for large quantities and are processed with semi- or fully-automatic machines.

Often these are more than 4,000 crimp terminals on a reel. From now on it is possible to order the quantity of 100 on a strip and you can use a semi-automatic machine or a hand tool. You do not have to buy a complete reel!
For a safe shipment, the strips are individually packaged in bags and then in cartons.

If there are on-site defective cables or small quantities which have to be crimped, there are inexpensive hand tolls available to process single contact versions.

EVG offers additionally to the connectors also the contacts on a reel, alternative strips with 100 pieces each, single contacts and the proper tools to purchase.
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