EVG is the new distributor for signal units of the company PATLITE

PATLITE signal units

On machines or manufacturing lines, signal units are important optical and audible helpers, that show the operating state or give reference to emergency situations.

Now EVG has rounded off their product range of control units with the signal units from the company PATLITE.

PATLITE was founded in 1947 and is a leading global provider of optical and audible signal units to increase safety and comfort in the workplace.
The product range includes LED signal towers, audible signal units, LED lamps, as well as visual and audible communication network systems and -solutions. This results in improved quality control, more productivity and safety in manufacturing lines.
With more than 600 employees and wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Singapore, Korea and China, PATLITE is recognized as a top brand in the industry.