OKW series CARRYTEC In the past, the instruments, sensors and accessories of equipment often had to be stowed in separate bags and cases. Not only did this mean having to use additional utensils that were frequently unwieldy to transport, it also ruled out the option of preconnecting interfaces for immediate use.

This is where OKW's well thought-out CARRYTEC enclosure concept comes into play. In this new design, pockets can be mounted on the sides of the enclosure. Recesses already integrated in the sides of the enclosure make it possible to connect instruments, which are then ready for immediate use. The new protective pockets consists of a moulded plastic part and hard-wearing textile fabric, with a practical zip fastener for fast access. An eyelet is mounted on the top of the enclosure, the matching shoulder strap with shoulder padding is available as an accessory. These pockets, in the dimensions 75 x 173 x 55 mm, are available as accessories in grey for CARRYTEC S (222 x 205 x 80 mm). The top end of the range of plastic enclosures was also extended by size L in the dimensions 348 x 303 x 117 mm. Like the sizes S and M, the new size L is also available in different materials, colours and with various combination options, depending on the application - wether indoor or outdoor.

The enclosures are available from stock in ABS (UL 94 HB) in off-white, and in a reinforced, tough plastic ASA+PC (UL 94 V-0). A soft TPE insert in the handle ensures a perfect, non-slip grip. Besides the functional handle, CARRYTEC is especially characterised by a large surface area that is ideal for user interfaces. Flat, impact-protected areas are ideal for installing interfaces, plug-in connectors, cable inlets and outlets, contacts etc. Lateral recesses also give the user a secure grip when running horizontal wireless or wired applications. For storing and changing purposes, the range of accessories includes a table stand/wall suspension element as well as a holding clamp for mounting on round tubes or equipment rails that meet the DIN EN ISO 19054 specifications. The flat back cover of the enclosure also allows it to be mounted on tripod or support arm systems, and the handle, since it is pointing downwards, allows fast positioning and alignment of the visible and operating panels.

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