BINDER-Stecker-Gewinde-M20Up to now, BINDER only had male versions with M20x1.5 fixing thread for its M12 panel mount connectors. Now, female versions are available with its fixing thread.
This also allows connectors to be screwed into the housing instead of conventional threaded joints, which makes units and control cabinets connectible.
Of course, it is also possible to make the fastening using a hexagon nut from BINDER's range of accessories.
The o-ring assembled on the connectors seal it off the wall of the housing and, when the mating part is connected, fulfils IP 67.
For the panel cut-out the recommondations of the drawing on the second page of the data sheet should be followed.
The housings are made of nickel-plated brass and the contacts have a gold plating.
The male and female panel mount connectors come fully assembled by BINDER and have 200 mm long single wires. The length of the single wires can be adapted to the customer's request.

Data sheet