PATLITE LED bar lights CWAWith the new high power LED bar lights of the series CWA , PATLITE offers an economical alternative to conventional flourescent light strips.

An extremely reliable LED-chip which is the core of LED lighting, has with 36,000 hours nearly 9 times the lifespan in comparison to a common fluorescent light. Due to the optical characteristics of the LED, the new CWA light bar produces a natural, uniform light that neither dazzles nor reduces the brightness. At an ambient temperature of 20 to 25 °C, the maximal operating temperature is only 41.5 °C , which means over 30 % less heat radiation than a conventional fluorescent lamp. At the same time, the powerful LED chips provide for an optimum light output (e.g. 350 lm with the 300 mm version).

With an annual power consumption of only 15.3 kWh and a CO2 emission of only 6 kg, the LED work light is extremely environment-friendly. In comparison, a fluorescent light consumes 88 kWh per year with a CO2 emission of 31 kg. Contrary to conventional energy-saving lamps, the CWA light also does not contain any mercury and thus provides additionally for environmental sustainability.

The low-priced, mercury-free LED light bars of the CWA series in the colour “Daylight” (6,500 k) are available in the lengths 300 (350 lm), 600 (700 lm) and 900 (1,050 lm) millimeters. They fulfill the ROHS requirements and are CE-certified. With a protection rate of IP 65, the CWA light bars are suited for applications in production halls and workshops.

Two standard mounting brackets made of stainless steel are included.

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