EVG.de UL listingHere you can find our UL listing for cable harnesses according to UL standard ZPFW2/ZPFW8 – wiring harnesses.

EVG is listed by the Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL) in the manufacturer database www.ul.com, with the file number E468240, as a qualified manufacturer.

The Underwriter Laboratories Inc. is an independent test and certification organization in the United States, which has created strict requirements for the products on the American market. With this qualification, it is possible to produce upon request and according to customers' specifications, cable harnesses for the North American market.

The listing ensures the traceability of manufacturing dates and materials of each component, as well as a production in accordance with required safety and quality standards.

Finished cable harnesses are given an appropriate UL label.

To ensure a consistent quality, UL checks the process several times annually.

Our current certificate: UL-Certificate (220 KB)