In over 50 years we have acquired considerable Know How and this is something of which we are extremely proud. Our "performance plus" in services and processing, ensures seamless connections of our products.

Each and every complex task is solved by using solid handcraft, innovative engineering, our longstanding experience, a qualified team of 150 colleagues as well as state of the art technology on our 12,000 qm company premises.

At EVG, the extraordinary becomes standard. We are constably working at full power for our customers. This is the basis for our longstanding partnership with many of our customers.

Cable harnessing

We produce cable harnesses on state-of-the-art machines with high-quality tools at our location in Mönchengladbach.

EVG cable harnessingThe customization of standard products according to the requirements and wishes of our customers are self-evident for us- Our work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and we guarantee the quality in each quantity by testing all cables 100 %.

We manufacture according to UL standard ZPFW2/ZPFW8 - wiring harnesses (File Nummer E468240) when requested by customer.


Injection molding

Standard connectors are found in most machines and production lines. If necessary we will develope a modified connector in consultation with the customer to meet their specific requirements.

EVG injection molding

After creating a three-dimensional model, prototyping with patterns from the 3D printer and the tool construction, we manufacture the connector using injection molding.

Moderate tooling costs and an efficent production, even for small series, are achieved with our approach and technology.


Mechanical modification

All enclosures and connectors can be processed according to your requirements and wishes.

EVG mechanical modification

By using high-quality automatisation, we are able to create through and thread holes and to to completely equip and wire enclosures. The result is an individual and ready-to-install product.

Furthermore we glue and encapsulate components. During processing we rely on our experience with regard to the texture of the adhesive and potting compound.
Mixing and application under consideration of pot time is our daily business. Our employees are trained about the dangers that may occur and work at specially equipped workplaces under the necessary protective measures.

Sample videos (youtube):