Using energy sustainably

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The innovative current sensor ESS 076 by STEGO sets new standards in the precise detection of power consumption and enables operators to achieve a sustainable increase in the efficiency and profitability of their industrial plants. With the ESS 076 power sensor, operators revolutionize the efficiency and sustainability of their industrial facilities.

The highly precise ESS 076 is ideal for continuously monitoring load profiles of equipment and machinery. The comprehensive data collection aids in identifying harmful load peaks and saving energy costs.

The Smart Sensor ESS 076 measures AC current in conducted lines contactlessly. Captured measurement data is output in analog (4-20 mA signal) or digital (IO-Link) format. Measured and processed data, such as power and energy, are provided via the IO-Link interface to superior systems like machine controls or edge computers for condition monitoring.

Features of ESS 076:

  • Contactless measurement of AC current up to 100 A

  • Line diameter measurement up to 11.4 mm

  • Internal processing of measurement values

  • Analog 4-20 mA and digital IO-Link interface in one device

  • Retrofit compatible


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